December 11th, 2001


Nobody involved really gave an ass dimple how it looked

Hahahaha someone just called to talk to either of my parents (who are out for the evening). He said that my mom, "entered a contest at ... a ... local shopping mall" except those ellipsis were him waiting for me to fill in the blanks with the name of a local shopping mall. Apparently she won a "you buy it, we drive it sweepstakes." What the hell kind of contest is that? You buy the car, we take it from you, and drive it away.

It was so obviously a scam, it was pretty bad. I mean if you were really calling to report to someone that they had won a contest you'd think you know where the contest took place. People are so dumb sometimes.

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Ok... is there anything going on in the world right now other than the aftermath of the September Terrorist attacks? Anything at all? It's a big world, something else has to be going on. A quick glance at shows 27 headline news articles (main links) to stories. Of which a grand total of 2 have nothing what-so-ever to do with the attacks. Some quick match shows that 7% of the stories are non September 11th related... 7%!!! That means that 93% of the news that CNN decides is new worthy is about an attack that happened more than three months ago. I'm not saying that it's not newsworthy, but how newsworthy is it really.

On a side note I have an appointment to go meet with the owner of the house I'm interested in tomorrow after work. I'm going to go over, talk about some paperwork, and make an offer. We'll see how that all goes.