December 4th, 2001


Because we love each other, and all that other stuff that makes you puke

Didn't get a chance to update because I fell asleep early. I had Tenchi the Movie that I had received from Netflix. I'd alreadt seen some Tenchi and wasn't impressed. I figured since I already had the DVD that I'd give it a chance. I fell asleep an hour into it. It sucks! Tenchi is boring!

Let me recap Tenchi here for you. One teenage guy, five teenage girls madly in love with guy, guy is not interested in any of the girls at all, hillarity. D-U-M-B! I'm sure it's popular among teenage girls, just not my cup of tea.

So today I spent most of the day researching firewalls for work. Firewall technology is pretty cool, it'll be a fun project to implement once we get the unit we want picked out. I rebuilt a server today at work as well, and worked a little more on some anti-spam stuff as well.

I got home today and my dad says, "I didn't think you'd be home yet. I figured you'd still be at work fighting that new virus." I just laughed... right. When you run a network as tight as I do, no problem! I had the thing filtered at the mail server before it even became an issue.

"i think we need to make a flavor of ice cream called warm wet pussy." --hilary

I forgot to mention the other day that my brother and some jiggas (three to be exact) are going to be renting a house. They got approval and keys and everything. He's moving out ASAP! He already took the PS2 over, that's all he needs. So that's cool, the house will have a lot smaller jigga quotient.

Also, my mom found a really cool looking house that's for sale by owner in Gladstone. I drove by it a couple of times and it looks decent from the outside, they're asking $134.4k for it. Which is pretty decent. It's 1300+ sq ft, 3bd, 1bth. I called the lady about walking through it, which I may do later this week or this weekend. I would really like to buy a house already ;)