November 25th, 2001


And thus is born another of MTVs core demographic

Just got back from seeing Spy Game with Chris. Pretty decent flick, despite that fact that I had to pay $3.50 just to withdraw $20 from their stupid ATM. What kind of crappy ass theater doesn't take cards these days? Good movie, I recommend it. Afterwards I get to my car and I left my lights on so Chris had to jump me. That was a feat in and of itself being that we were in a super crowded parking lot. All these people were waiting for me to pull out and I was waiting to get jumped (my car).

Anyway I made it home after dropping off some mail and picking up some milk. Now I'm home and warm and happy. My parents are back from the trip and my mom is already being retarded. Dear lord I need a house now! "I haven't seen you in two days, why don't you come and talk to me." Uhhhh hello, two days! Nothing is going on, nothing exciting. Bah...

Especially when you're short, on the chubby side and have the demented eyes of a hamsters with anger issues

Oh dear lord! The cancelled both Futurama and the Simpsons so they could show Star Wars Episode 1. Oh the humanity! On top of all that it's the commerical ridden, full screen version too! Sucks...

On a side not I checked out the Lord of the Rings website to check on who they cast as which character. I'm especially impressed with the characters of Gimli, Legolas, and Aragorn. Aragorn is 100% perfect... The stills from this movie look really good, I hope it lives up to the book.