November 24th, 2001


A small and fuzzy blip in an already very bad film year, as nondescript and uninvolving as its title

Woohoo today rocked... So Angie came over bright and early so we could go to Lloyd Center and get our picture taken with Santa. Before you knock that, us both being over 21 and still going to see Santa and all, you must note that I am related to that Santa fellow... Picture turned out decent, but it better have for $20! It was basically a digital camera, a nice printer, and a guy in a Santa suit. I got my dad's birthday present while I was there too. It's a little bamboo thing in a pot, good for your desk.

I bought davidfrey's wedding present too. Angie wouldn't go half on Metal Gear Solid 2, so he won't be getting that unfortunately. I'm sure he'll like what we got him anyway... After I got home I took a nap from about 3:00 till 5:30 and then had some dinner. Mmmmmmmmmm left over pizza.

While my pizza was cooking I thought to check the mail which hadn't been done in a day. I got the newspaper and all the mail. I got one of the DVDs I ordered (Army Of Darkness: Official Bootleg Edition), my Oregon tax refund check ($90), and a DVD from netflix. What a haul! That's cool about the refund check, $90 I wasn't expecting. I have so much money, that I find myself spending more than I would on other people. I told a couple of people I'd buy them things I wouldn't normally. Odd.

Peerapong Oeusoonthronwattana

I forgot to mention that we got a Clackamas Review newspaper today in the mail. I love the small-town newspapers! My favorite part is the police reports.

2 teens were reportedly throwing rocks at cars, police arrived and found no one.
Kids were seen throwing bottles around the train tracks, police arrived and found no one.
A theft was reported at 7-11, two cokes were taken. Police questioned the clerk and left.

Good stuff goes on in small town America :) I guess that's why they have time to pull people like me over for expired tags.