November 10th, 2001


You churlish, dread-bolted mumble-news

Wow... I got up about 9am, after falling asleep around 9pm! I was reading my book and got a little tired so I just decide to "nap" until Angie got off work, didn't happen. I woke up at 1am still dressed, lying on my bed with the window open and everything. Odd! I didn't think I was that tired.

Yesterday I had a really good meeting with Connie. Got a lot of things squared away that are sort of looming overhead. Connie is a really cool lady, she's a real go getter. I think our department may have a real chance to succeed with her leadership. I'm really looking forward to it. I asked her about my job description and she hopes to get that out soon also. So foreign that things happen within days or weeks instead of months or years.

Subject: Scott, You Could See Britney Spears, FREE!!!

Back in High School I had an english teacher Mr. Stiff (Ya I know, ha ha) that used to give us these vocabulary tests. We were the honors class so we got all these vocab words to prepare us for the SATs or something. He'd give us 15 words a week up until we had 75. Every week we get a test covering 40 or so words, some new, some old etc. Anyway, it was one of the very useful things I learned in High School. Learned a lot of cool words that helped if you read much.

So I got to thinking, I could do that now. I get the Word of the Day email everyday. So I sat down and wrote a little app that will let you input words and definitions and then test you on them. It'll probably be a lot easier to learn this way since the computer does all the hard work. Studying should be easy too.

Anyway, tomorrow me and some guys from work are gonna all hit Wunderland for a while. Should be interesting considering I haven't been there in about 5 years or so.