November 4th, 2001


Ya he wanted to know why I was working both drugs

So today I slept in till 10, that was good. I got woken up around 3 when my work pager went off, which sucked. I checked it, and then promptly turned it off before going back to bed. When I got out of bed this morning and checked everything was fine. So I played a little Baldur's Gate 2 today, remembered exactly why I stopped playing it and promptly filed it in the "never to be played again shelf." Checked the open houses in the paper today so I went and walked through three that were for sale by owner. I only got pictures of the first two. Neither of which I was really that interested in. But the third was has some potential, I need to think a little more about it. Got an ICQ from Dave saying he wanted to go see The One so Dave, myself, and Mike went and saw The One. It was about exactly what I expected. Pretty lame really, but not terrible. After that I dropped by Angie's real quick, then came home and had some really good dinner my parents saved for me.

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