October 27th, 2001


There's something about a guy with a sock on his nuts that just doesn't turn me on

Got back from looking at houses. My realtor emailed me about 6 that were what I was interested so I drove past them. It amazes the state the some people keep their houses in. My uncle told me, "you'll know if you want to look inside the house just by driving by it." He was right. You'll immediately get a sense of what the house is like just by driving by and taking a look. I looked at 7 houses I think. Only two of which I'm really interested in. I emailed my realtor to get some more information, and then maybe I'll walk through them. I'm ready to buy a damn house!

Scratch any geek, and you're likely to find a kid who grew up learning programming on the Lego "platform"

I was just eating lunch and relaxing on a rainy Saturday. So I turn the TV for some background noise while I ate my soup and sandwich. Well M*A*S*H was on, which is always a good show so I left it there. It was an episode about a documentary being made of what life was like on the frontline and in a M*A*S*H unit. That had to be the most amazing pieces of Television I have ever seen. I was very moved, it touched on a lot of really powerful emotions. It was all that much more poignant because of everything that's going on in Afghanistan. Amazing television.