October 25th, 2001


GOVNET would be for critically-important government agencies like the Department of Agriculture to communicate

Just got home from a long day of funeral/family related stuff. Funeral was at 10:30am and was quite good. I did pretty well all things considered. I did sort of lose it when I saw my grandmother with a simple gold necklace on and a mans ring on the necklace. It clicked that it was my grandfather's wedding ring and that she kept it on her necklace. Overall the funeral was very nice and my job as a pallbearer was quite simple really. I only had to carry the casket about 25 feet. Pretty simple.

After that we went to the cemetery for some last words, and then back to the "hall" for a reception. Hung out there for a while, came home changed clothes, and went to my uncle's house. Had some food and just hung out with my family. Spent most of the day with my family which was pretty cool. My family is pretty cool in general. Before we went to Mark's we had to pickup Boggle since he didn't have it. That's what we (the older cousins) have been doing every time we get together.

So now I'm home and relaxing. My brother and his girlfriend are in the other room giggling and watching another of my dvds. The best part of my day was when one of my cousin's referred to Dan as the "weird cousin." How perfect. I laughed.