October 14th, 2001


I don't know which is more questionable, your pitching arm or Bill Clinton's integrity

Just woke up from a nap... getting home at 2am last night and then getting up at 8:30 kinda sucked. I had a headache too. My mom and I were going to go look at some open houses and when we got in her car the alarm went off. Well she didn't have any idea how to turn it off. I mean, god forbid you figure out how your damn car works. So we spent a good two minutes trying to figure out which button turned the alarm off when it shut itself off. I think she accidentally hit the panic button or something and it just had to time out. So all that noise didn't agree with me.

So this morning my parents, angz, and I went and looked at House #12 again. I really liked it, and my parents seemed to as well. It's going to take some work, but I think it could be very rewarding, and be a lot of fun. We also looked at House #15 as well. It's a decent house as well, but I'm not as interested in it. I think I'm going to make an offer on #12 as soon as possible. With my luck with houses though the damn thing will sell before I have a chance to make the offer.

I updated the pictures on House #12 so you can get a better idea of some of the features.

From the "What the fuck are we smoking" department

Ok maybe I'm missing something but this seems pretty damn reasonable to me. So why would the Government reject it so quickly!?! They don't want a simple solution! War is power, and money. Wouldn't want to be sensible!

Taliban renews, U.S. rejects bin Laden offer


U.S. warplanes pounded Afghanistan's southern city of Kandahar on Sunday, a day after the ruling Taliban's spiritual leader rejected another call to turn over suspected terrorist leader Osama bin Laden.

The Taliban made an offer of their own Sunday, saying they would be willing to discuss giving bin Laden to a third country for trial if the United States ended its attacks and provided evidence of bin Laden's involvement in the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington.

The White House quickly rejected the offer, and President Bush said the U.S. position was "non-negotiable."