October 12th, 2001


One of the ways Americans have coped with the trauma of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks has been to have more sex

Why do the movies always make the cats the bad guys, like in ''Cats and Dogs?'' Dogs are the ones that kill and maul kids and babies all the time. Cats only strike out in fear. Dogs are mean and vicious. Cats are polite. When they go to the bathroom they dig a hole and cover it up. Dogs leave it out so you can step in it and it stinks to high heaven. Cats are very clean. Dogs love stinky things. Male dogs have sex with each other, your arm, your leg, your coat--they are so dumb. Cats are very dignified and know who to have sex with. Cats stay beautiful all the time while dogs are ugly and get uglier.

Then you open up the septic tank and bam, skeleton city

Got home a while ago from walking through some houses with my realtor. The first house we looked at (the one I told him to meet me at) I had never even driven past. I was thinking it was a completely different house, but we walked through it anyway. It actually turned out to be a really intriguing house, a lot of potential. So we'll see.

It took me forever, but I did get all my pictures uploaded so you can see my latest house hunting adventures. I'm quite fond of #12, and possible #15 as well. I think I'm going to call my realtor and re-walk-through at least #12 and maybe #15 too. Ok now I'm going to go add captions to all the pictures.

House #12 - House #13 - House #14 - House #15