October 7th, 2001


Heavy drinking and code writing? Dude ... that's like every night

Just got back from blackice's new place. We had some dinner, sat around and chatted for a while, and then played some guesstures. It was fun. I knew Joel was gonna be the secret weapon, so I got Joel on my team. Angie, Joel, and I cleaned up at the guesstures yo! Even with an extra round they couldn't beat us (only tie). Now I'm home, and just about to get into bed. Checking email and LJ then off to bed.

I made rpm cut the crust off, then put it back on just to show it how much it is my bitch

I just got a call from my realtor. He got my email about wanting to walk through two houses. He called me up to tell me that the two houses I wanted to walk through had just sold. So now I have no real house prospects. Sucks! He's going to get me a master list for Gladstone and I'll wander around there, see what I find.

In other news, apparently we're bombing Afghanistan now. Kinda sucks, there is no daytime TV on. It's all America Strikes Back news. Damn you Bush! Damn you for ruining TV!