October 5th, 2001


Vi is like masturbation. It's not as good as the alternative, but it's always there.

Just got back from lunch and Frys. Got a game and some more rechargable batteries so I'll always have batteries for my GPS/Digital Camera. I took my GPS with us to Frys (Jared drove). I clocked it with my GPS and we hit 86.6 miles per hour on some back road. Jared is insane :)

After work I'm gonna run an errand for Jared and then hit some houses for sale on the way home. I love Street Atlas it makes really good maps. I know right where to turn and how far to go.

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Just got back from an evening on the town. Went out to dinner and then to Costco because it was close. Didn't really need anything at Costco, but I ended up walking out of there with $37 worth of DVDs. Damn Costco, damn them to hell!

I picked up Forest Gump and Memento. Angie and I watched Memento tonight. That movie is so weird! It's so cool! I'm still trying to figure it out. I think it's one of those movies that you have to watch about 18 times before it makes sense.

Agenda for tomorrow: get a copy of my car key, deposit refund check, look at houses, go to BBQ

I need a copy of my car key because I keep locking my keys in my car. In the two years that I've owned that car I've locked my car keys in it twice and they were both in the last three days. So I gave my spare set to my dad and I'll get another one made for me.