September 25th, 2001


What do a Rubix cube and a penis have in common? The longer you play with them, the harder they get.

These new fangled com-pew-tor things are pretty neat. I spent the last two and half hours trying to recover from a minor "glitch" I had this morning. So my morning has been very unproductive to say the least.

Silly me thinking a simple video-driver upgrade wouldn't cause any problems. Install the driver, reboot, log back into Windows and continue working. "Aha," says fate as she cruely steps in to ruin my morning. Won't boot, go into safe mode. Booting into safe mode in Win2k on this machine takes four minutes. Remove the drivers, reboot. Still won't load. Back into safe mode. Try reinstalling the drivers as administrator, still no good. Go back and remove the drivers in safe mode. Try the official Dell drivers. Nope that doesn't work either. Try removing the device and have it redetect it. Nope that doesn't work either! Argh!

Good lord I must have rebooted this thing 40 damn times. I finally just gave up and pulled the video card out and now I'm using the onboard video instead of the TNT2 that was in there. Ticks me off that something as simple as a driver upgrade took so much time. It'd be one thing if I messed up, but I didn't. I fucking hate computers!

Your Mom is so fat, the recursive function computing her fatness causes a stack overflow

Two quick things. There were these cool massage bed things in Vegas at some of the places we went. It was the aqua-massage. Bascially you would just lie in the tanning bed looking thing, and the top would close with this sheet of rubber above you. Then these water jets would spray down on the rubber in all kinds of patterns. So you get a water massage without getting wet. Kinda cool. They were expensive. It was like $10 for 5 minutes or something.

Secondly now that my computer is officially working again I'm leaving. Frey and I are off to the Itec show down at the convention center. It wasn't that exciting last year, but it was kind of cool. So we'll see. We'll just wander around that for a while, and then I'm going straight from there out to dinner. Woohoo! Fun filled day at work today.

The Space Needle is a gimmicky tourist attraction that holds a hundred fanny-pack-wearin sight-seers at a time

So as I drive around town I'm bombarded by all these "Proud to be an American" signs everywhere. There are flags everywhere, people are wearing pins supporting the US, hell everything is red white and blue these days. Never in the course of my 22 years on this earth have I seen the American people so passionate, and so united. It's really refreshing to see really, brings back my faith in humanity.

The American people are united against terrorism, and are fighting to protecting American ideals. Never before have people been so passionate about anything at all. People are lining up around the block to donate blood, the raised $150 million dollars on TV the other night, Michael Jordan is donating all of his salary next year to the relief fund. Wow! That's amazing!

Excuse me but... Where the hell have you people been!?! Of all the tradgedies that are going on in this world right now, this is the one you choose to come out of the woodwork on? Good lord! I hate to rain on everyone's parade but 6,000 people died. 6,000! That's not very many at all. How many children don't get ever get a chance to suceed because our schools are crap? It's more than 6,000. How many of our tax dollars are spent financing foreign governments regimes so we can get cheap oil? A lot more than 6,000. How many people are victims of hate crimes each year? Rape? More than 6,000. How many children die in Africa each day because they don't have enough food despite the surplus we have in this country. A LOT!

There is a lot of injustice going on in the world, and none of it is new. But we as the American people turn a blind eye. If Peter Jennings isn't breaking in with late breaking news coverage, or spouting off on the nightly news people don't care. What happened in New York was very tragic, but in the big scheme of things it was nothing. We as the American people need to get our proirties straight!