September 15th, 2001


Sweet Home Alabama!

Well I'm home... 13 days on the road, and I'm finally home. I wasn't planning on being home today (3am) but all the hotels and motels we tried staying at were full. All of them! We checked at least 8 different ones in three cities. We finally got tired of looking and decided to drive the last 2 hours home.

So our trip consisted of 4,348 miles in 13 days, across 9 states. It was absolutely amazing. More than I ever would have expected it would have been. Took me a while to warm up to the idea of it, but it was a lot of fun. It'll be nice to sleep in my quiet bed, and eat a real meal though.

I had a lot of fun, and took lots of pictures (330 to be exact). I'm working on getting the pictures online as we speak. Takes a while to process that many however.

I'm really glad I went, and with the people I did. I really don't think the trip would have been nearly as much fun if it weren't with the people (themabbi and anilnaik) that I went with. We got along very well, and had a lot of fun. If only we could have found a man for Ben in San Francisco.

We made some very tenative plans to do it again next year. Summer of 2002 we're going to try and hit Canada. So we'll see :) I'll post later when I get all the pictures online.

Black Rock City may be the world leader in per capita disco density

Took a nap while watching Wonder Boys. I was overdue considering we got home around 3am, and then we all got up around 8:30. So we cleaned out the van and Ben and Anil headed home to Beaverton. The rest of my day has been spent resting and working on getting the digital pics online. You can see all of my cool pictures (all 332 of them) here.

I'll give you a little teaser!