August 26th, 2001


Firewire Receives An Emmy

So this weekend was pretty good. Yesterday I went over to Doug's house for a little party his parents were having. I finally got to meet "Granda Jean" officially which was cool. She introduced herself and said, "I've heard a lot of stories about you." Which was pretty funny. His girlfriend was in from out of town so I got to meet her and his friend Brett. We just kinda hung out, it was fun. I do worry about him now though, he eats some nasty looking seaweed stuff.

After that I came home and met Angie before we went downtown to meet Anil and Ben. We went to this funky corner bar. It was pretty small, but pretty cool too. We had some drinks (which Anil bought) and talked for most of the evening. Got most of our trip planned which was nice, and just chilled. I love downtown, it's so wild, especially at 2am. I've never seen so many gay men in one place. At 2am as we were driving home the gay club let out. Lots of hairy topless bikers. It was cool, I love diversity.

Today I didn't do anything... just relaxed and watched some DVDs and wrote some code. Good weekend. Actually might not be that bad to go to work tomorrow.