August 24th, 2001


Developers, developers, developers, developers... developers, developers

Just before lunch I was sitting around trying to get a server I had working. I couldn't get it to work so I told Isaac to shut down this machine in the corner so we could take some pieces out of it and work with those. Well I guess I left an SSH session logged into one of our real servers and he didn't notice. So a quick "halt" later and I'm getting paged by Netsaint that one of our servers was down. :)

Brad 2 Scott 0

Ok what in the fuck is up with that whacked out Cyndi Lauper video on the Goonies DVD. Is that not the biggest piece of crap you've ever seen? It's REALLY weird. I mean come on, the video ends with Andre the Giant in rainbow underwear! Wow, what were they thinking?