August 21st, 2001


Home computers are primarily just running screen savers 90% of the time

Just got back from dinner with angz which was quite nice. I really like Sweet Tomatos even if they are expensive. It's basically a salad bar/vegetarian/health food buffet. Pretty good, but expensive. After that we went to Costco to get the Goonies DVD and some food for my roadtrip. I went to high school with the guy that rung up my purchases and he said that my physics teacher just went through the line and he's Vice Principal now. That's crazy! He was JUST out of college when I had him (his first year) and that was four years ago.

After that we came home and walked around the loop twice. Which was quite nice. I like walking, it energizes me and makes me sweaty. I need to get in shape and get more energy. Seems like everything I do makes me tired except walking :) Plus it's fun. After that Angie went home to pack for her trip and now I'm here.

I'm gonna do some network consulting for whitaker in a bit and then work on my website.