August 13th, 2001


They all want the same thing, to take home the big nut

I was watching CNN yesterday (I was flipping through the channels ok), and they had about a half hour devoted to Al Gore's new beard. It was pretty hillarious, all this political commentary about a BEARD! "What impact is this going to have on..." Come on! It's a fricking beard!

The one good thing that did come out of the ten minutes that I watched was that there have been 4 presidents (I think) that won the presidency without winning the popular vote. Including Bush: 4. Of the previous three, none of them served a second term. I would really like to hope that Bush does NOT get a second term. So maybe there is hope yet.

Don't forget your penis cream

My grandmother makes the best homemade apple sauce I've ever tasted. So about 6 months ago I told her she'd have to teach me how. Well she called this weekend to tell me that she had found an orchard the we could pick apples in (since they're in season now) and asked if I could go with my aunt and her today. I couldn't because I had to work so they picked some apples for me. She asked how many pounds I wanted... I had no idea so I told her that I would want a lot of applesauce and to pick what's appropriate.

Well they called me when they got back from picking apples today... 200 pounds of apples!!! That's a lot of fricking apples! I don't know how much I'm going to get as I'm sure they'll keep some, but still. That's a lot of damn apples for three people. I guess they were cheap, 29 cents a pound.