August 9th, 2001


They can call it whatever they want, as long as Jar-Jar's role in this movie is as "expendable crewmember."

So I call dhonma (who is now a man) on the way home from work to see what he's up to. We chat for a while and I tell him I was thinking about going out and getting some ice cream and to maybe look at some houses. I didn't expect him to be interested but he was, so I went over to pick him up to go run around some neighborhoods and look at some houses that my realtor sent me.

We drove past probably... 20? I dunno... I couldn't have picked a better navigator, he really knew his shit. I felt bad because he was getting car sick having to read and drive at the same time. But he was a trooper. Drove past a lot of ass houses. Oregon City is kind of an eclectic area, they are some gross houses, and then some really nice houses. I drove past about 3 on the same block as house #2 that were pretty nice. So I may go back and look at them later. Until then, I go to sleep.