August 8th, 2001


Lord of the rings... aren't they making a movie about that?

Overworked? Sign up for National Slacker Day

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's workers are being urged to think of their health and take it easy with a new campaign for a National Slacker Day on August 23.

With stressed-out British employees working the longest hours in Europe, the campaign, launched by a clothing and record company Oncus, wants people to recognise the value of rest and relaxation outside the workplace.

"It is vital to understand the importance of doing nothing. Slacking is a necessity," actor and writer Simon Pegg, a supporter of the National Slacker Day, said in a statement.

"How can you possibly comprehend the value of your own hectic endeavour if you don't occasionally put your feet up and experience a state of complete calm."

The campaigners say they want to contact as many people in Britain as possible and urge them -- for the sake of their health -- to stay in bed on August 23 and enjoy a guilt-free day of relaxation and de-stress.

Supporters of the campaign can sign a petition for National Slacker Day at

Twenty minutes in, and my wife was openly wondering if this constituted the sort of spousal abuse that would get her more than 50% in the divorce

Holy crap... I just got done watching South Park. It was a pretty stupid episode about a talking towel that liked to get high. Basically that was the whole episode, the towel liked to get high. Well I was watching it with the "jiggas" because that's the only TV that has cable. Every time that towel said, "so you wanna get high," it was uproarious laughter. Fucking lamos.