August 5th, 2001


It's not brave if you're not scared

So Brian and Jennifer Murdock came down to Oregon to grace the Bakers with their presence. A good time was had by all pretty much. Dan took off in the middle of the day and left them here (he had important Magic TG games to play). So we played some Trivial Pursuit which was fun, despite the fact that I lost. Angie called me (maybe I called her) while we were playing and asked what was going on. I told her the Murdocks were over and we were playing Trivial Pursuit. She said, "Oh Jenn and ... what's his name are over." Yes Jenn and what's his name are over. To which she replied, "well I only remember the names of the ones you want to sleep with." She's pretty funny like that :)

Dan finally came back and we decided to go see Rush Hour 2 which was a pretty kick ass movie. Very much on par with the first one. Lots of action, quite funny. Good movie, I recommend it. Then we came back, it was about 11:20 and they chilled for about 10 minutes before taking off. It was fun, glad to see them again. As a side note, Brian has some mad flute skills.

I was about to go to bed and I came in here to check my email and there was an ICQ from my boss... I ended up having to go into work. Hence the 2:45 post-time of this entry. Apparently our mail server was down most of the day. Gene, Isaac, and I were at Webster at 12:00pm sharp. Isaac gets the award for true geek, he showed up just for the sheer geek factor.

Essentially what it boiled down to was that with the big influx of viruses lately a LOT of traffic was going through our mail server. So much that it completely bogged down the machine so nothing would work on it. Once we changed some mail times so it wasn't so aggressive about sending out mail it seemed to go back to normal. So essentially we denial of serviced our own mail server. Not good!

While we were there I checked our mail server for CodRed virus attacks... In one day (8-4-2001) the web portion of our mail server logged 571 attempted attacks, from 456 unique IPs. That is one CRAZY virus going around out there!

There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path

Didn't get to bed until about 3:30am last night since I had to work so late. In turn I slept in until about noon. That was nice, but probably still not enough. I got woken up a couple times. It will be really nice NOT to be woken up by someone when I have my own house.

My mom came down and handed me a section of the paper that had some open houses in the Oregon City area. I didn't want to go, but it was something to do. We ended up driving up to this house (pics) and touring it. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, 1450 sq feet. This house is really gorgeous. It's in a decent location too. This house is by far #1 on my list right now. It's amazing... I'm gonna look around a little more, but if I don't find something in the next couple of weeks I'll probably put in a bid. On the way home I looked at a second house (pics), which was even bigger, 2000 sq ft. But it wasn't finished as well and was laid out very funky. Both were in the $140k price range which is what I can afford. Good to see some other houses though. They both made the one I looked at the other day, pretty crappy. Especially for the price.

Then Vicki and Larry came over for dinner and the rocket launch. So we toiled around for a while, and then went down to Clackamas park for a quick rocket launch. The realtor called back (I wanted to schedule a second look at this house) and I took my dad and Larry up to see it. Larry is an architect so I wanted him to look at it, and see what he thought of it structurally. They weren't as enamored with the house as I was, which kinda sucked. But my mom said that it really doesn't matter because it's my decision. Which really made me think that maybe I'm putting too much emphasis on what they think. They didn't dislike the house, just the layout, which I liked. So screw them :)

So we had dinner, and we're probably gonna go launch some more rockets after dinner. I bought a battery charger for the batteries for my camera since I've looked all over and couldn't find mine. It sucked not being able to use my camera more, but now I have a charger. It should have been $18, but it rang up as $20. So I told the 17 year old cashier that and he didn't even blink and eye. Just immediately changed it without even checking. I told him I should've said it was $5. So I should have pictures of the rocket launch later too. I love my digital camera.