August 3rd, 2001


As a side note, I think Jason is pretty attractive

Angie and I went to look at the house I thought was good looking. Met up with David and Mike around 11:00. I spent the 15 minutes prior talking to the "old guys" across the street. There were two older guys talking and leaning on their pickup truck. So I stopped to talk to them about the neighborhood. They were pretty funny, but said it was pretty decent.

Once we got inside we realized that it's gonna need some work. Nothing big, just a lot of cosmetic stuff. Gonna be a lot of painting, fix some fixtures, change out some stuff in the bathroom, change the carpet, put up a fence etc. Otherwise it looked decent. It's laid out pretty well, it'll just need some work. I don't think it's worth $140k, but may $130k/$135k. Need to talk to my dad and see if he'd be willing to help, and if it'd be worth the work/money. It'd be nice to clean it all up and make it look nice.

Apparently it's a bank reposession. Whoever owned it before got forclosed upon so now the bank owns it. I'm not sure exactly what that means. I could get it for less money (banks don't like owning houses), or that they'll be less flexible about selling it. We'll see.

See house images here.