July 28th, 2001


Ow... I banged my head! That really hurt! Hey... who are you?

Just got home from themabbi's 21st birthday party. It was a surprise party, pretty interesting what they had to go through to keep it a surprise too. Excellent party overall, had a lot of fun. It was pretty low-key, but all the people there were really cool (even Anil!). I didn't know anyone there except Ben and Anil, but the rest of his friends were pretty cool. The best present he got for his birthday was a UofO t-shirt (he's going to OSU) and some orange and black spraypaint for it. Pretty creative I thought.

Highlights of the night included watching Ben try and smoke his cigar, Ben's little brother capturing a bee with some surgical scissors, wonderful pictures of a young Ben naked in the bathtub (which will be used for blackmail later), switching between T&A (Coyote Ugly) and Fast Cars (Gone in 60 seconds), meeting lots of cool people, and many a snide comment by Anil.

We discussed briefly our roadtrip, which appears to be back on despite the trade-in of our planned vehicle. So that's quite good, I'm stoked about that. So now I'm home and about ready to crash.

On the way home though, I was following Ben and Anil to 217 (they were going into downtown) and I turned onto some onramp and ended up spinng 270 degrees around on the wet pavement. At the time I kinda thought it was cool because it was so slow and I wasn't worried about hitting anything. Odd that I spun out at all seeing as I wasn't going very fast at all. But upon further reflection the rest of the way home I'm pretty freaked out. I got really lucky something a lot worse didn't happen. I think that's just someone's way of saying slow down a little. So I will...

Anyway... off to bed.

Virginia Slims cigarette paper now ribbed for her pleasure.

I woke up at 9:30 even though I stayed up late. Couldn't get back to sleep so I got up, showered, and went over to Angie's to surprise her. She was hardly awake when I got there, so we hung out, cuddled, and watched some TV. Both Real World and Road Rules this year are lame. Too much "bitch" drama, takes away from the show. After that we went out to Subway for lunch. I really like Subway. They have good food that's good for you and it's cheap. Angie is probably tired of going out to boring old Subway but she puts up with it for me :)

Supposed to go to a movie with dhonma later. I guess he's up in Seattle at a Mariners game today, but should be back later. I think we're gonna go see Final Fantasy.