July 27th, 2001


The great taste of gum in a supository

Wow! Today all the boss' are gone. The way it works here in our little "IT" department there is a manager, two supervisors, and about 10 grunts of which I am one. Well both the supervisors and the manager are gone today. The manager will be in at noon, but still. I told everyone I was in charge :) I'm thinking about firing Dave since he's a big whiner and went home sick! Anyway, when I got here today Russ had: 1) Already put the recyclying out 2) Left the frys ad on my desk with a note apologizing for taking the day off 3) Made a pot of coffee and left a note for Dave 4) Bought all of us donuts! He did all this before 8:00am when I got here, on his day off. I think he feels guilty becuase he's taken 4 of the last 5 fridays off. I was giving him a little crap for it. Pretty funny. He's a good guy!

Have another handful fatboy

Suck... I just got a voice mail from ravis asking if I was going to meet them for drink at High Rocks tonight but I can't. I have a birthday party to attend tonight and I cannot go out drinking. LAME! Another day I promise.

I doubt Dave will make it either seeing as he went home deathly ill around 11:00am this morning. We'll have to do it another time, I promise.