July 26th, 2001


You had me at howdy

One hour and seven minutes. That's four thousand and twenty seconds that I was early to hear Bruce Campbell read from his book, and maybe get his signature. As I walk in the door and I'm proceeding upstairs the come on the loud speaker and announce that they're sorry but the room is full and they will be allowing no more people in. Suck! I stuck around for a little while in the coffee room reading, hoping to see anilnaik, themabbi, or skeets but I didn't see anyone. So at 7:05 I walked out and got in my car. There were more people outside waiting that there were inside. Lots of goth people. Anyway, it was something to do. Now I'm home. I suppose I could have waited a couple of hours and had him sign something afterwards but I wasn't gonna wait their that long.