July 17th, 2001


When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth

angz came over after work and we headed over to Costco. She wanted to get a book before our camping trip this weekend so we figured costco would be a good place to go. As we walked in I realized that my membership was probably up soon (it was up two month ago). So we went over to renew it. The damn thing cost $45! I guess I'll have to start going there more ofen, have to save $45 to make it worth it.

After that we went to the bank and on the way we say a baby (maybe 2 years old) walking/sitting in the road/parking lot. The guy ahead of us got out and picked it up looking around for the parents. Apparently the dad was in some kids store not too far away. Funny how you could just misplace your CHILD! I swear... The kid was IN THE ROAD. It's not like he just wandered around the aisle. Crazy stuff.

Spent the rest of the evening playing Counter Strike. That game is so fun, it's stealing my soul! :)