July 13th, 2001


Just because I lock my front door doesn't mean I like watching my parents have sex.

Today was ok... spent a lot of time working with some Cisco boxes we have, familiarizing myself with the intricacies that are IOS. Pretty cool stuff. I'm about a week ahead of the outline the the bossman has set forth for me which is good. This means I'll have plenty of time to get the backup stuff he wants done, done.

Went to lunch and then Fry's at lunch today. Just like every Friday, nothing real exciting. They had a battery backup on sale that I picked up. I got really tired of my whole system getting shut off if the power flickers for two seconds. This should fix that problem. Woohoo.

You won't fuck me and I always have to drive

I forgot to mention... I rented and watched Drugstore Cowboy last night. It was quite a good movie I must say. Matt Dillon plays a pretty good druggy. I guess I always liked those movies where the idiot (Matt Dillon in this case), realizes that's messed up and does what he can to make himself better. There are so many people out that there are messed up, and some of them even know they're messed up. If those people that knew they had a problem just would try to make themselves better the world would be better off.