July 10th, 2001


Sorry doesn't put thumbs on the hand

Dude I'm beat... got up at 6:15am to get to work by 7:00am. Get there and stuff is already not working, no fun. Justin and I were supposed to work on some DSL upgrades but we didn't get too far before we started having problems. We got sort of half way through what we wanted. Then I walk back into the office in time to catch a voice mail from on our of resellers. Spent another good three hours troubleshooting that only to find out they were being denial of service attacked. Shut off the offending IP from coming in the router and it was done. Very very long day. Now I'm home and tired. Angie is here we're going for a bike ride.

Here's the deal, again in AOL-friendly all-caps

Back from the big ride, it was fun. Took about 20 minutes prep time because the bikes were ... underused. Had to bust out my dad's old bike pump to pump up the tires. The bike pump really sucked so it took even longer. But it all reminds me of how terribly out of shape I am. I think I'll have to start bike riding more often now, or walking or something. It's just too damn nice outside to sit inside. I curse my computer for making me lazy and get out of shape.