July 8th, 2001


You and your brother have the same forehead

Went out with Ben and Anil tonight. Met them downtown around 7:00. We killed some time at Powell's while Anil read a book on Salvadore Dali and explained all his art to me and Ben. He was a weird guy, he painted some weird stuff. After that we left in search of something to eat. Ben was hungry so we wandered around downtown while Ben tried to make up his mind (it took a while). We ended up at Typhoon which is some Thai place. I had a Coke, which Anil chastised me for, because I had already eaten. So Anil and Ben ate and I drank. We sat and chatted the evening away, focussing a lot on the cartoon and TV shows of the 80s that we all had watched. A toast was had to the muppets and Jim Henson. We also discussed the road trip, it looks like it's a go first thing in September so that'll be cool.

After that we wandered around town until we decided to go play pool. We ended up going to PSU to their rec room or whatever. On the way to PSU I saw two things that I thought were quite strange. It was about 9:30 while we walked from the Thai place to PSU. There were two guys and girl in the back of a pickup truck sitting in lawn chairs. Just sitting there talking, right off the main drag. It was really odd. I guess downtown is just "the hang out." A little farther up the road were 4 guys hanging out around their pimped out Honda something. On the roof of this car was a Playstation with the little monitor. Some guy hooked up his Playstation and was playing it, in the MIDDLE of downtown Portland. If all you wanted to do was play video games, stay home!

We finally got to PSU and played some pool. I think we got three games in an hour and a half. We all pretty much concluded that we really suck at pool. Ben is going to finance our road trip with his pool shark abilities. I'm not too confident. After that we started walking back. Downtown shuts down early so there wasn't much to do at midnight. Anil wanted to go get coffee, but the only place that we could think of was Shari's and there isn't one in downtown. I didn't really want to go to Shari's, let alone the one out in Beaverton especially that late. So I bid them adieu and drove home.

The dukes of hazzard, an 8 year commercial for the KKK

Angie just called me to say she was on her way home. I made the mistake of mentioning that I had sent her email but wouldn't tell her what was in it. Good lord, she freaks out at every little thing. She's paranoid I'm gonna break up with her or something. I will never understand women. Anyway, time to go watch Jackass.