July 7th, 2001


Does anyone else's nipples get sore and tender when ovulating?

So last night was pretty fun... I was gonna drink with Dave but I couldn't get a hold of him. I left him a message and called him but he was nowhere to be found. I was just about to leave for Angie's when he called, so I did end up going over there. He's living with his mom for a while again while he goes through the seperation thing. CJ, his old neighbor, came over too. I had met him before but never really talked to him, he was a pretty cool guy. Basically we just hung out in his garage drinking beer and shooting the shit. Dave and CJ both worked on their bikes while I just drank beer. Dave tells the best stories, mostly about his wife. And a good one about a gay bar too, but that's another story. Lots of fun! Came home and crashed about 12:30 until about 11:30 this morning. Quite nice.


Just washed and vacuumed out my car. It's pretty warm outside, especially standing in direct sun. At least my car is clean and shiny now. Been quite a while since I've washed it, now I just need to find some windshield wiper fluid for it and my car extravaganza will be complete.

I'd rather be sitting around stacking cans than ripping the guts out of chickens

themabbi just called and we're gonna go downtown and meet anilnaik after he gets off work around 7:00. We're gonna meet at Powell's and then peruse downtown until we figure something out. The Blues Festival is going on so we might go check that out. I had a couple people tell me it was pretty cool, so we'll have to swing by there. Now I'm just waiting for my dinner to cook so I can take off.