July 4th, 2001


Pissed-Off Poesy & Doggerel

Had a nice day off today. It was nice to get to sleep in, even it was only until 9:00am. Kinda chilled most of the day, played a lot of old video games I hadn't played in a while which was nice. Was waiting to here from themabbi or anilnaik but it didn't happen. They must have had something better to do than call me. Actually I did get a page about 4:08pm but that was as I was pulling out of my driveway to go to my uncle's for the festivities.

Mark's was fun. Checked out the hole which is dug out a little more. Had a nice BBQ dinner and lit off some of my leftover fireworks from last year. My dad has to get up at 5am tomorrow for work so we came home early. That's fine with me, I was getting a little bored. Angie should be on her way over, we'll probably watch a DVD or TV or something.

In Eric Cartman's whiney voice: No RealPlayer! I don't want you to open my MP3s!

As an update to my last post it looks like both themabbi and anilnaik called while I was at the festivities. That sucks, I wanted to hookup and do something. Looks like our schedules just collided. What are you guys' schedules like this weekend. We should hook up and catch a movie or some lunch or something. We have to plan this roadtrip, I'm getting pretty stoked about it! Let me know!