July 2nd, 2001


Rumours of the Munchkin actors' wild drunken orgies and other escapades are greatly exaggerated

I've been thinking about how dumb smoking really is. People that know me know that I'm pretty down on smokers all together, and this will be no change from that. A smoker does many stupid things to themselves and others. You'd think any of the following would convince a smoker to give up their habit.

1) It's been proven time and time again that it's terrible for your health. It kills you people, end of story. You WILL die earlier than you would normally if you did not smoke
2) It's expensive! $3 a pack is a lot of money. If you smoke a pack a day that works out to almost $100 a month, and $1200 a year! Don't you have better things to spend you money on?
3) You stink! No one thinks the lingering smoke smell that goes with you everywhere you go is good! You stink, stop smoking you'll make more friends.
4) Cigarette butts litter all american cities. It's gross! You're littering and ruining the planet for the rest of us.

I once farted on the set of Blue Lagoon

I heard on the news yesterday that President Bush decided to cut taxes, for the top 4 tax brackets. What in the hell is he thinking? Someone said that the best thing about Bush is that he doesn't hide the fact that he screwing the little guy. It's very obvious he's in the pocket of the big corporations. I mean of all the people in the US who really needs a tax cut? Is it the top tax bracket? Hell no! Does Nike need another cut? Microsoft? Donald Trump? NO! The people that really need the tax cut are the lower class. The people that make $20k a year and have three kids. People that live in the inner cities and are barely surviving. *sigh* God forbid the President of the free world just do the right thing.