July 1st, 2001


My love for britney is stronger than your security

So my dad brings me The Sun which is a newspaper they picked up in the UK. On the cover is your standard news paper gard about current affairs, and covering about 1/3 of the page is gorgeous blonde in some really sexy lingerie. We're talking Playboy like girl in lingerie here. So I open it and there are a couple spreads of this girl, only one topless shot, and the rest some really revealing shots of her in various lingerie. It was crazy! He said that there are so many competing newspapers over there that they include pics of cute women as an attempt to sell more papers. Wow!

Look at this! No, wait, look at this! No, hold on, over here! Look, midgets!

Went to church this morning the priest today was from Tanzania. He was pretty cool, asking for money for the seminary there, so I gave him the $12 I had in my wallet. They need it more than I do. After church Angie and I went to Best Buy to pick up Snatch. It was in their add, but apparently it doesn't come out till Tuesday. So I picked up Way of the Gun instead. Never seen it, but the DVD had a lot of stuff on it and it was $9.

After that we came back here and called Chris. He wanted to go to Mallibu Grand Prix so we met him out there. That was pretty fun, I haven't been then in probably 8 years or so. I think my best time was 56.2 seconds around the track or something. Chris beat me by about half a second. Angie was slow, she didn't drive nearly as fast as she does on the freeway. I took one corner too close and bumped the car just enough that I lost my grip on the steering wheel and ended up in the grass. Then trying to get back on the track I spun the tired because they have no traction. It was pretty funny. :)