June 23rd, 2001


It's Friday night, I am at a rave again, picking up transvestites on my harely davidson

Yesterday was pretty good, I'm shocked. First day in a long time that we've made forward progress in reaching our goals. Justin called me into to Gene's office to talk about the servers that I proposed and he basically said everything I had asked for was fine. I was floored! My jaw almost hit the floor. He said "If I were in your shoes, and I have been, I would do it this way. But I'm not so I'll let you do it your way since you're gonna manage it." Pretty cool, makes me happy. So I spent the rest of the day tracking down the vendors and getting credit applications processed.

After that Isaac and Frankensteined one of our old (dead) servers. Old Pentium Pro 200 Digital/Compaq machine. That thing is the mother of all servers, it was huge. For it's time it was an amazing machine, cost $21k 5 years ago. That thing was huge and heavy. We think we got it all taken apart and all the valuable pieces taken out. That was fun.

Then we all stayed late after work to play some games. We picked up Revolt at Fry's for $10 so we had a rousing round of that, which was fun as well.

After that I went to Angie's for dinner which was excellent, and then Chris and Joel came over so we could go bowling. We had to call Joel twice on his cell phone to get his ass over because he was playing with his new computer, but he finally made it. So we went bowling, I did ok. Chris beat me, but was talking a lot of smack.

Read Isaac's review for more info.

Nothing hurts like your mouth

Wow... got up today and took a shower. Came down to check my email and Dan comes down and says, "let's go to uncle Marks." Because I told him we'd come over and help him shovel some dirt/rock out of his new shed. So we drive over there and shovel and haul out several wheelbarrow loads of rock/dirt. I'm exhausted now. I was there about 6 hours doing this, but my wuss brother left after 3. Kevin met us about midway in and helped us dig. It's really heavy digging, pain in the ass because there is so much rock you can't get underneath it to get a shovelful.

Afterwards Kevin drove me home (since my brother took off) and we played some games and checked out some sites. Played some more video games and Dan grabbed us a pizza. Pretty exciting day, but I'm dog tired need to crash. I'm gonna be in some pain tomorrow lemme tell ya.