June 16th, 2001


Hey Bono, why don't you stop lighting hitchhikers on fire?

Yesterday after work I went to the CCC graduation ceremony. It was pretty lame, but a lot of my friends were there so I went to cheer/boo them :) It was cool, they gave out diplomas then we all went outside to meet up. I was standing around talking to Joel, Nate, and Chris when my science teacher from 7th (!!!) grade walks up. I was about to say "Hey Mr. Brown" when I realized that Joe's last name was Brown as well. That's when it clicked, this guy was probably Joel's dad. What are the odds, prettu funny. Met his canadian mother and was tempted to say "I've heard a lot aboot you, eh?" but I refrained.

After that we all went to Shari's to have some food, chat, and kill some time. Allisa called while we were there and we all decided to go over and see Tomb Raider. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting, but it wasn't great either. There were some decent action scenes, but it kinda flowed... weird. There were a couple of times where I was thinking, why the hell did she just do that. It was a decent movie, good way to spend an evening I suppose. The $7.25 we paid to get in and see it was worth it just for the last 5 minutes where you see Angelina bounce, I mean run, out of the temple.

Hell is an idea first born on an undigested apple dumpling

Yesterday after paying $7.25 for the movie we saw I realized something. I don't think movie theaters are going to be around in 10 years. They're getting to expensive. Especially with the push for all this new surround sound equipment and digital projectors etc... The cost of displaying a movie for their customers is going up.

Look at the old video arcades. They aren't around anymore, not really. Every mall used to have a video arcade, now they're scarce. Why? Because everyone went out and bought a Playstation or a Nintendo 64 that can do better graphics at their house. Tough competetion...

Same thing is going to happen to movie theaters. DVD players are cheap, and surround sound systems are becoming increasingly common. I can get the "movie theater experience" at home now. With ticket prices being so high, and DVD prices being so low what's the incentive for me to go to the theater? It's certainly not the sticky floors, greasy popcorn, or that guy behind you that never shuts up.