June 2nd, 2001


Yes, cheese is worth Caps Lock my friend

Yesterday I want to mana's graduation. It was pretty cool... It was outside on the football field and it was pretty damn cold out there. Some cool things happened at the graduation... As they were calling the names, some girl's name got called and someone lit off fireworks behind the stage thing, and a big huge wrestler looking dude picked up the principal (or whatever he was) instead of shaking his hand after getting his diploma. It was pretty decent... After that we went back to her parent's for a little party. Met some of her family and sat around and chatted. Wasn't too bad overall.

No more dick talk!

So today consisted of: Linux class, an episode of the X-Files, a nap, dinner, Shrek, Seti@Home, 2 more episodes of the X-Files.

Linux class was interesting, we got a 6 node Beowulf cluster up and running today. Didn't do much with it, but it's running. Seems like pretty cool technology though. Season 3 X-Files rocks my world. Killer to have that many episodes on DVD. It's a lot of video to watch, but it's pretty fascinating stuff. I was pretty tired after getting up at 7:15am for class so I took a quick nap. Felt a little better afterwards. Had a simple dinner and then went to see Shrek with my Mom, Aunt, 3 year old cousin Claire, and angz. It was a pretty funny move, good graphics, decent plot, good jokes. After all that I setup Seti@Home on 5 computers. Then I watch two more episodes of the X-Files. Pretty exciting day let me tell you.