May 28th, 2001


Perhaps spam with green eggs and ham?

Just got back from Red Robin meeting up with aquaone. I had a nice strawberry milkshake and some good conversation. I would like to go on record and say that $4 for a milkshake is a lot of money but that's ok. It was good to get out of the house and away from my stupid business plan. Steve totally reminds of Brian Murdock, I think it must be something in the water up there in Seattle. They all come out the same. :)

3 words: police accademy movies

Went and saw a Beaver's game today at the new PGE stadium, it was pretty cool. The game anyway, the stadium wasn't that cool. They didn't do much to it short of a paint job and some new seats. The game was pretty exciting, I think there were 4 homeruns, and a lot of foul balls. A total of 12 of us so that was fun... The guys three seats down in front of us were totally heckling the other team, it was great. One would yell "What's wrong with number 11?" and the other three would yell "He's a bum!" for every player. It was pretty funny.

So theres a fight in Vegas and Ronald McDonald is in one corner and Colonel Sanders in the other, whos your $50 on?

I forgot to mention in my previous post... Instead of ticket takers at the gates, they had these new electronic gadgets. It's a lot like a super market scanner, you just insert your ticket and it scans a barcode and let's you walk through. Kinda cool... I'm sure it's easier for them to get an exact count of people attending also.