May 27th, 2001


Give uncle Selly back that fetus

So yesterday pretty much rocked... Went to class in the morning, took a test in my linux class. Isaac and I finished (seriously) in about 7 or 8 minutes. We had to wait for the rest of the class to finish before we could start the next project... Which was an hour and a half! Isaac and I kept looking at each other and whispering, "what the hell is taking so long." It was a really easy test, open book, open note, open Internet. It was cake.

After that I drove home and we all went to my grandpa's party at the country club. It was just in this banquet hall with about 250 people. They had decent food and I got to see a lot of cool people I haven't in a while. I talked to just about everyone I knew, I was feeling quite sociable. I even saw my other grandpa who I haven't seen in about a year and a half or so. I told him "he should come around more often..." blah blah blah. Gave him a bit of a hard time since he chooses not to visit with his family much anymore. I even got to meet Kevin's girlfriend, she seemed quite nice.

Eric and I chatted about "old times" back at the apartment and how much we got screwed out of the cleaning deposit. We even toasted to the old place. He seems to like his new place, and I'm close to getting a house so it worked out great for both of us.

After the party we helped clean up a bit and then we drove back here. Most of the rest of the family (that was still in town) came over for an impromptu barbecue. That was a lot of fun. My young cousin were running around the yard like mad. Got to talk to some family some more. A good time was had by all.

Worked a little bit more on my paper that's due next Wednesday also. Pretty exciting day. It really was pretty perfect, beautiful weather, lots of fun, lots of people to talk too. Quite enjoyable.

3 words: Police Academy Movies

I'm working on my resume, but it's really hard. I'm trying to put onto paper all the things that I've done at my current job but I can't. I've done about ten thousand things, and I'm having problems figuring out what deserves to be on paper. Hmmmmm... I'm trying to do it in Page Maker as well, it's coming along, but it is kind of hard.

Heres to 80 dollar "general cleaning fees"

aquaone just called so we're gonna meet up at Red Robins here in town in about a half an hour. Been working on ye' olde business plan for about 3 hours now. Up to 18 pages, I'm definitely ready for a break that's for sure. We're a couple pages away from being done. I'll definitely be happy when this is done. School is really starting to suck!