May 25th, 2001


"if i was stuck on a desert island for 4 years like tom hanks, i'd just masterbate constantly, the time would fly by"

Had a nice half day off. Of course about 45 minutes before I was supposed to leave I tried to reboot a server and boom it wouldn't come back up. Hardware failure, looks like it's completely dead. So I moved everything I could to another one and then took off. We'll probably have to order a new one next week.

We ended up at the 1pm showing of Pearl Harbor which absolutely fucking rocked. I've said it before, I'll say it again: Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay cannot make a bad movie. They rock! The BS about the love story is not that big of a deal. Go see this movie, it's so cool. It's one of the most moving movies I've ever seen (read: I almost cried). It's incredibly powerful.

Also, passed DEQ like nothing. They even told me I could get my tags while I was there but I didn't have the $51. So I'll just mail in the check.

What would win in a fight: Tang or Country time lemonade

So I get home today and I check my mail... there is a DVD sized package in it. Then I remember that Angie's parents bought me a DVD for helping them with their computer. Just like billions of other DVD packages I've got in the mail. So I open this one up and there is: the DVD, the receipt, and a hand written post-it note.

Apparently an old friend works at the distribution place for or something. So he wrote me a little note: "Hey Scotty, this is Taylor, just wanted to say hi." What are the odds of that?