May 15th, 2001


Would you like a chocolate covered pretzel?

So my buddy davidfrey got a prank call on his home phone number from some kid telling him that his phone number spelled 723-dick. HAHAHA, it was the funniest message I've ever heard. Well our boss did some more research and found out that 723 spells sad. So Dave's home phone number is sad-dick. How funny is that?

I checked out and my phone number doesn't spell anything cool :(

One rectal breach coming up!

Went to the Cisco seminar downtown this morning. It wasn't too bad, not as Cisco-centric as I thought it would be. I was kinda pissed that I had to pay $5 for parking, and had to drive all the way down there... I won't be getting reimbursed for it either. I suppose I could if I put in the request... but the $12 I'd get for it or whatever would be such a hassle that it's not even worth the effort.

Yo lunchbox... hurry up!

I really need a damn house... this living with my parents deal isn't going to last too long at all. Don't get me wrong, my parents rock and all but come on! My mom is way too mothering, and involved and my dad just has his own style. I really need my own place. I think part of it is because I hate people :)

I'm debating writing a nice email and telling my parents how I feel about paying rent. They haven't given me a good reason that I should pay rent. Every cent they make me pay is that much less I have to put down on a house, and it's not like they need the money. Oh well...

Stealing, boning, blowing shit up

I took the second half of tomorrow off from work so I can get some stuff done at school for graduation, as well as some work on my stupid project. I must repeat yet again, business class sucks ass! So I'm gonna go into work till about lunch time and then go to school around noon-ish work on a lot of stuff. I'm debating skipping my Pagemaker class tomorrow. There's not much debate though.