May 14th, 2001


Damn traffic

It's Monday morning and it raining just a little bit. The thought, "should I take the back road and avoid the freeways?" Goes through my head. I know some idiot will take a turn too fast and that will backup traffic for miles... I think to myself, "nah it's not raining that hard." So I take the freeway, and end up going 5 miles an hour. I take the first exit I can and end up using the backroads. Fuckers

Cisco Seminar

Woohoo, I almost forgot about the Cisco seminar Justin and myself are going to tomorrow. Tomorrow early, I have to drive downtown and get to the half-day seminar. Should be interesting.

Pissy people

Everyone here today is pissy, and mopey. Odd because I'm not. So no one wants to work, or work with anyone so nothing is getting done. I don't wanna approach any of the pissy people lest they rub off on me so instead I sit here in my cube trying to find things to entertain me.


Urine Samples

Tony is in the back giving Gene the low down on his "3 gallon urine sample" and how it shows that he's not passing enough protein... Some things you really should just keep to yourself!

Update: Tony just came and threatened me for having a comment about his urine on my journal.


I forgot to mention yesterday that I told Dan off. He's been a whiny bitch for the past... 2 years or so. Nothing is ever good enough, and everyone is always out to get him. Blah blah blah, I've wrote all this before. So yesterday he pissed me off so I started ignoring him. Well about 45 minutes later he came and tried some small talk which I pretty much responded with one word answers. He asked me what my problem was, to which I replied "You're a dick!"

I think that caught him a little off guard because he said "what are you talking about"

I told him that he had an attitude problem, he has for a while and I was tired of and I wasn't gonna put up with it anymore. Felt good!


There's an old lady in the carpet store and she bent over and touches the carpet and she farted, When she gets up she notices that there is a salesman standing behind her. She then asks the salesman, "How much is this carpet?" The salesman replies, "Well, lady...if you farted just touching it, you're gonna shit when you hear the price."

Affleck you the bomb in Phantoms yo!

I think I have an anger direction problem... last week I blew up at Russ, and today I blew up at Justin... Not to say that they aren't part of the problem, but they aren't the problem... It's just so frustrating to see absolutely nothing get done and no one really seem to care. I'm getting bored/tired of that job. I'd like to get out of there, but if I'm buying a house it could mess things up. I really need to keep my options open.