May 3rd, 2001


UPS Ground

I would just like to say that UPS ground shipping really sucks ass. How long could it possibly take to get a pack from one coast to the other. I could walk cross country and beat UPS, jeez!

Least Competent People

Dr. Craig DuMond was dismissed from practice at a Saranac Lake, N.Y., medical facility in March after mistakenly operating on the wrong knee of his patient. Five years earlier, Dr. DuMond had operated on another patient's wrong hip, and as a result, the medical center at that time initiated a safety procedure requiring the staff to write "yes" on the correct body part for surgery. Since Dr. DuMond operated this time on a part that did not contain the word "yes," the medical center has concluded that the previous rule was inadequate and now requires the staff additionally to write "no" on the body parts that will not be operated on. [USA Today-AP, 3-18-01]

When I was 12 and had my finger surgery they wrote no on the hand to not operate on it. Pretty wild.

AT&T mess up #2

Looks like AT&T really likes us. They messed up again and sent another router. It's addressed to Justin, but some other company name. Anyway, we now have two $20,000+ routers that AT&T decided to send us that aren't ours. This is a picture of Justin and myself relaxing on the lovely "furniture" that AT&T sent us.


401k rules!

I just found an old 401k info sheet. It was right after I started it and I had $466.48 in my 401k. Now if it grows at the modest rate that it is currently and I don't put another dime in it, I will get $37,890.34 when I'm 55... Or $59.576.59 if I wait till 65. You gotta love compound interest.