April 28th, 2001


ICQ Spam

This is the spam I get on ICQ, what the hell!

ICQ User: Breast Pump UIN: 113580206
hello I was wondering if you had any breast pumps mine blew up as I was pumping my breasts up theres something wrong with the australian ones they dont ting they just go back after a few pumps my name is gary Glitter and I also used the breast pump for my penis which didnt work like I had hoped because my penis looks like a tit now and I am not happy I had ball implants the other day and it was good


All moved and setup here at my parents house. Went to my grandparents and saw my new baby cousin Adam today (my aunt is in town). Now I just need to do some clean up around here.

Quote of the day: "Weddings are cheap, women are expensive" - Frank Baker

Found out

FYI, if I don't make it to work next week it's probably because Foobar had me rubbed out. I found out he's a Chinese spy and well, now I have to say my goodbyes. So if I turn up missing, talk to him :)


So my parents and my brother came over to help me move my stuff today and my brother just bitched the whole time. We were being so inefficient and wasting his time. He "only had 4 waking hours before work" and we were just wasting it, blah blah blah. Same old rap he has all the time, I'm getting really tired of it. He even go so pissed off that he just left my apartment and walked home, it's about a mile and a half or so. As we're driving back to my place (he's still walking) it starts to pour down rain. I call that karma.

Movie Theaters

Angie and I went to a movie last night. Two tickets @ $7.75 a piece works out to $15.50, what in the hell is up with that. Seriously, I could go by a DVD, watch it once and come out ahead. I'm tired of shelling out so damn much money for a movie. Are these movie theaters really that poor? Stop charging so damn much money!