April 20th, 2001



Yuck! I really smell like smoke. We went out for drinks for Paul's birthday and Karen's going away party and man do I stink. There weren't even that many people smoking in the place. I didn't even notice it until I got in my car.

I had a nice talk with Julie, Travis' wife. She cleans and repairs reposessed manufactured homes. She says that she finds all kinds of stuff that she gets to keep. Big screen tvs, waterbeds, furniture, all kinds of stuff. I told her I'd keep her in mind when I move into my house.

After that, just came by and picked up this old computer case I had. I sold him that, and my old motherboard to get his linux box working. Not a bad Friday.

Movie Night

Angie just came over, we watched Replacement Killers. Pretty decent flick... now I'm winding down because I have fricking school tomorrow at 9am. Argh, that really sucks.