April 19th, 2001



Eric just ICQd me and said they want to "show" our apartment tomorrow. What the heck! We still live there! Don't they have demo apartments for that? I guess they could be showing it to a painter or someone to clean the place, but it still seems odd.

I told Eric that he should setup a shrine to Brenda (the crazy apartment leasing agent). Put pictures, and dead flowers, some poems, and candles all in one corner of the apartment. I can just see it now... "here we have the kitchen right off the master bathroom... OH MY GAWD!"


Jared said that the 7-11 lady that I always give a hard time about cherry slurpees called him last night to tell him that they had just put in cherry slurpees. Hahaha :)


Wow... on Survivor the challenge was an outback trivia game that was posed to the contestants families over the internet. They only got to type one line, and Keith proposed to his girlfriend. That's pretty wild.