April 18th, 2001



I love it when my pager goes off and when I check it, it's a phone number. My pager is alphanumeric, and only a couple of people have the e-mail address to it. I suppose it is in LJ, but regardless. I don't even know what the actually phone number you call to get my pager. So when someone leaves me a phone number it means they called the wrong number. Always makes me want to call them back in some Pakistani accent and act all pissed of that they interrupted me having sex or something.

Yet another boring class

Get to work at 8:30am, leave work at 12:30pm to get to school, at school until 2:10pm, then back to work. Stay there till about 5:30pm and now back to school.

It's such a pain in the ass to drive to school in the middle of the day and then drive back to work. Oh the things I will do for a diploma *sigh*

At least my morning class (Business 101) only have one stupid quiz and then he let us go. Normally he tends to drone on and on and on for far too long. None of that today :)