April 16th, 2001


Alarm Clock

So I wake up this morning to hear the alarm clock in the apartment beneath me's alarm clock. I was pretty pissed. It was 6:39am when I woke up. She go a new one, it's not electric anymore. Now it's an actual bell, one of those you have to wind up. Good thing about this alarm clock is that it goes off after about 5 minutes because it loses its "wind"

I hate neighbors!


I was just raped out of an hour of my life. I just watched "The weakest link" and it was terrible. The announcer is just plain stupid, and the show progressed slowly. They really pit the contenstants against each other, even though they're on the same team. It was just a really dumb show.


My bedroom is actually warm! I had to open the window to cool things down in here, first time I've had to do that in a while.