April 10th, 2001



So I had my dentist appointment this morning, wasn't too bad because I got to sleep in a little bit. Actually I set my alarm for the same time, I just hit snooze about 5 times!

The proceedure wasn't that bad, they didn't have to numb me because it was just a tiny service level cavity. It wasn't too bad, kind of odd hearing a drill in my mouth and watching little pieces of something come flying out.

So after all it said and done I have this weird rough spot on my tooth. As I'm walking out they wanted to charge me $100! She said I had a $100 deductible. So I asked her about the money I paid last time, and why didn't that go towards this deductible. She looked it up, and sure enough it should have gone towards it. So instead she only charged me $54. She even complimented me on knowing my insurance policy because most people don't have a clue.

So I saved myself like $50 today just because I knew what my insurance covers, sweet! :)

Update: She just called me and told me that I was wrong. I have a $50 deductible since I'm single. Woohoo! So she cancelled the charge on my card all together.


Had pizza for lunch. Nothing special, glad I didn't eat too much. I never feel good after I wolf down a big lunch.

Boot Camp

I watched my first full episode of Boot Camp tonight. When I first saw the previews on TV I thought it looked pretty dumb, but it's really not that bad. They work the recruits really hard!