April 4th, 2001



"To desire power is human nature. To resist power is rebellion. To question power is pacifism. To have power is responsibility. To fear power is to understand it."

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I just got back from my stupid Business 250 class. It's pretty boring, but at least I'll be done with school after this term. In other news I just got a FedEx package here at work. Hopefully it's the hardware to mount the HDs that I just bought.

School... yay!

Scotty and I made it to our PageMaker class about ten minutes late. Looking to be another boring class. I love it when the teacher starts out with "Are you very familiar with Windows 95?"

Come on! This is a computer class. It's required for the computer degree! Yes we're familiar with computers... Oh well. We'll see how well this works out.

Blah blah blah

The teacher is really droning on about what we can and can't do in this class. No pagers, no cell phones, no music boxes (?), no checking email, blah blah blah. What is this kindergarten?

This does...

Ok now the teacher is giving us a lesson on what every freaking tool in pagemaker does. Come on now! That's so lame. Just give us a project to do and we'll all go work on it and learn it. There's not that much to it, sheesh!