April 2nd, 2001



I really need to keep a closer eye on my timesheet. It always seems that the day it comes due I'm going back through my head, "I think I worked overtime that day."


Ok... my stupid pager has gone off like 20,000 millions time this morning! Netsaint keeps telling me ALL my equipment is down. Every single piece of equipment is down, and it's telling me this repeatedly. Really I guess the power went out in the back room and freaked out the Netsaint box. It's pissing me off!

Update: Out comes the battery...


I forgot to mention that the neighbor girl came down to use my parents computer while I was there yesterday. I said hi and asked her what she was doing. She said "cheating on some french." She had to write a story in french so she wrote it in english and then went to babelfish and translated it to french :)


Today was my first day of class. Sucks because it's at 1:00 in the afternoon, so I have to leave work for an hour and half, and then go back to work. I dunno, we'll see how it all works out. Class is gonna be kind of lame. We have to write an 8 to 12 page business plan, which will suck. Looks like most of it can be pictures, graphs, charts, etc. Which brings up an interesting point, what's the difference between a chart and a graph? Anyway... today was boring.

Normal, that's about all that happened today. Was gonna go to a movie tonight but there is very little out and I'm pretty tired. Another time I suppose. I should probably save my money anyway. Speaking of money I negotiated a "bonus" with the guys in the UK because we've been working so hard on their server lately. So that'll be cool. I have a little more work on it to do, but most of it is running smoothly. Anyway, it's about bedtime.